World Day for Safety and Health at Work

ref. posted date: 26/04/2019
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World Day for Safety and Health at Work takes place every year on April 28.

World Day for Safety and Health at Work takes place every year on April 28. 2019 is a special year, as it marks the centenary of ILO - the International Labour Organization, a United Nations body that is also the organizer of the Day. This year ILO will attempt to build on the experience collected over the last century to face the challenges that await the world, ranging from an ever-increasing globalization to new technologies and sustainable development, by publishing a report that captures the constant evolution of occupational health and safety practices. Although the improvement has been constant, ILO estimates that more than two million people in the world lose their lives every year due to accidents or occupational diseases.

Arkad-ABB strongly believes in health and safety, not only in the workplace, but in every aspect of the lives of our employees, in every location in which we work. “Safe people for safe business in safe locations” was the main theme of Arkad-ABB’s first Safety Day, last November, and is constantly underlined and set as a primary goal by the company, every day. These are not just words: thanks to the commitment of all of us, regardless of our role, during the past few months we have reached five million manhours worked without LTI (lost-time injuries) both at Nawara and Zirku sites.

However, we still have a long way to go. It is only with relentless attention to health and safety aspects that we can continuously improve. Let’s be careful at work, when we travel, when we are with our loved ones.

Health and Safety does not happen by accident!

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