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ref. posted date: 16/09/2020
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Lights, camera, action !



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Our people have always been our most valuable asset. Everyone in Arkad SpA can make the difference by drawing from their knowledge and skills. That’s why we put them at the centre of all our activities giving them the chance to grow both personally and professionally.

We’re ready to share with you #ArkadDiaries, an Employer Branding project resulting from the collaboration between Human Resources and Marketing & Communication Departments. It has been created with the intention of bringing out and transmitting our Identity, this means the working environment, values and any other aspect that defines the way in which our people perceive the Company. Promoting Corporate Identity represents an opportunity for us to build a positive image, facilitate the achievement of long-term success and increase the possibility of attracting talents.

What is it about?

With the support of an agency specialized in the production of photo shootings for companies, we have carried out three video interviews sessions with colleagues able to highlight "different" aspects of our Company:

• The first session involves four Junior profiles who talk about Arkad SpA through the eyes of new graduates in their first work experience;

• The second session features four Senior profiles who express their opinion based on many years of experience;

• The third session is exclusively for women. Some colleagues talk about what it means to work in an environment, such as that of industrial plants, which is traditionally a male environment.

How can I watch the interviews?

Every week we will post an interview on our LinkedIn page and here below on our website (to watch them click the links); we invite you to share them using the hashtag #ArkadDiaries and to make yourselves "ambassadors" and promoters of our Identity.



FIRST SESSION – Junior Profiles

EPISODE 1 - Giacomo Andrea Oliva, Junior Procurement Officer


EPISODE 2 - Cristina Virgini, Junior Shipping & Logistics Specialist

LinkedIn - YouTube

EPISODE 3 - Martina Scimone, Marketing & Communication Specialist 

LinkedIn - YouTube 

EPISODE 4 - Paolo Mondelli, Junior Process Engineer 

LinkedIn - YouTube 


SECOND SESSION - Senior Profiles 

EPISODE 1 - Marco Chierichetti, Engineering Department Manager

LinkedIn - YouTube

EPISODE 2 - Marco Del Giaccio, Procurement Department Manager 

LinkedIn - YouTube 

EPISODE 3 - Monia Comandulli, Controlling and Reporting Manager 

LinkedIn - YouTube 

EPISODE 4 - Francesco Muraca, Regional Manager for the Growth Region

LinkedIn - YouTube

THIRD SESSION - Women in Technical Roles

EPISODE 1 - Carolina Caracciolo, Chief HSEd Engineer

LinkedIn - YouTube

EPISODE 2 - Ruxandra Dantes, Senior Instrumentation Engineer 

LinkedIn - YouTube

EPISODE 3 - Lidia Guaitani, Piping Material Specialist

LinkedIn - YouTube