what we do

Arkad SpA provides customers Engineering, Procurement and Construction services in the Upstream Offshore and Onshore, Midstream, Downstream
and Power sectors.


EPC capabilities for offshore

We provide production, service platform and FPSO for both shallow and deep waters, including design, fabrication, installation, commissioning and start-up. Combining our design engineering expertise with our extensive fabrication knowledge, to provide our customers with design and optimal efficiency. Multidisciplinary teams in a global project approach allow the best management of critical interfaces, topsides/structures, sealines/platform, hull/topsides.

 Arkad SpA‘s capabilities in the offshore field allow providing on an integrated or segmented basis: 

  • Fixed platform topsides (deck)

  • Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) units

  • Floating Production Facilities

  • Floating power generation plants

  • Modular units

  • I/E modules

  • E-houses



EPC capabilities for upstream

We design and build all types of upstream oil and gas plants, from wellhead to treatment centers, both onshore and offshore. Our management skills, engineering flexibility and ingenuity, enable us to successfully handle the most complex project situations.

  • Wellhead facilities

  • Gas – Oil Gathering Plants

  • Tri-phase separation (oil, gas, water) Plants

  • Gas treatment Plants

  • Oil treatment Plants

  • Gas lift/gas injection/water injection units

  • Effluent treatment Plants

  • Offshore Productions Platforms

  • Offshore Modular Units

We provide a differentiated approach and innovative solutions to logistically difficult and technically complex projects. Our highly skilled team of process engineers can provide the most cost-effective solution: cost, quality, and timing are the key drivers we pursue during project execution.


EPC capabilities for midstream

Midstream is our core business. Our extensive experience in the execution of complete hydrocarbon transportation plants is based on more than 50 years of activity in this field. Professional, proactive and integrated approach to customers are our values.

We have a long track record of projects successfully executed in the midstream oil and gas field, including the design, construction and start-up of both onshore and offshore transport plants for large volumes of gas, crude oil, oil products over long distances. With a keen eye on the protection of the environment and territory, we have successfully completed such projects in the most hostile conditions: from the deserts of Africa, to the tropical area of Thailand and the cold climates of Eastern Europe.

  • Gas compressor stations

  • Oil pumping stations

  • Block valve stations

  • Metering stations

  • Pressure reduction facilities

  • Terminals and storage

  • LNG Regasification plants


EPC capabilities for downstream

We have built many downstream projects, including some special applications such as modular mini-refineries and the revamping or installation of refinery units. We deliver mainly refinery process units licensed by others or plant utilities including power distribution and oily water treatment plants.

  • Refinery Process Units licensed by third parties

  • Modular Units

  • Petrochemical Plants

  • Utilities and offsites


Power generation for the oil and gas industry

In-depth know-how combined with our valuable hands-on knowledge of rotating machines and a long-lasting relationship with turbine manufacturers give us the edge in power generation. We are a qualified supplier for complete power plants and/or balance of plants, offering a comprehensive range of turnkey solutions, including: engineering, supply, construction and commissioning. 

  • Simple cycle power plant

  • Combined cycle power plants

  • Cogeneration

  • Modular plants

  • Balance of Plan