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For over 50 years Arkad S.p.A. has been a world-leading ambassador for Italian capabilities and competencies, giving an important contribution to the growth of the national industries. The Company has become a leading champion of EPC contracting worldwide, with a substantial track record, thanks to its multidisciplinary skills approach and the capability to implement projects covering different technological segments in the energy industry.

We design and build all types of upstream gas plants, from wellhead to treatment centers. Our management skills, engineering flexibility and ingenuity enable us to successfully handle the most complex project situations in harsh environment conditions. We provide a differentiated approach and innovative solutions to logistically difficult and technically complex projects. Our highly skilled team of process engineers can provide the most cost-effective solution: cost, quality, and timing are the key drivers we pursue during project execution.
Wellhead facilities
Gas/oil gathering plants
Tri-phase separation (oil, gas, water) plants
Gas/oil effluent treatment Plants
Gas lift/gas injection/water injection units
Offshore production platform
Offshore modular units
Our extensive experience in the execution of complete energy transportation and storage plants is based on more than 50 years of activity in this field. Professional, proactive and integrated approaches to customers are our core values. We have a long track record of successfully executed projects in the midstream energy field, including the design, construction and start-up of both onshore and offshore transport and storage plants for large volumes of gas, crude oil, oil products over long distances. With a keen eye on protecting of the environment and territory, we have successfully completed projects in challenging conditions: from the deserts of Africa, to the tropical areas of Thailand and the colder climates of Eastern Europe..
Onshore Pipelines
Gas compressor stations
Hydrocarbon pumping stations
Block valve stations
Metering stations
Pressure reduction facilities
Terminals and storage
LNG Regasification plants
New Energies
Arkad has a defined commitment in the circular economy to achieving the objectives of environmental sustainability and energy transition through waste based feedstock alternatives and low carbon intensity on chemical recycling (waste to fuels and chemicals), biobased chemical products and carbon capture reducing greenhouse gas emissions producing renewable fuels. To this purpose, we have in place, with an important technology provider, a specific alliance for the valorisation of the waste to syngas and from syngas to different application in the energy sector and/or the downstream through pressurized gasification technology that provides unparalleled cost effectiveness and energy efficiency.
Grade B syngas with a lower CO2-impact for direct combustion in burners. (steel/glass/ceramic and food and papers production processes)
Grade A syngas for high-efficiency electricity generation or fuels synthesis CHP.
Methan Gas, Methanol
Sustainable Jet Fuel
Dimethyl Ether (DME)
In-depth know-how, combined with our valuable hands-on knowledge of rotating machines and long-lasting relationships with turbine manufacturers give us the edge in power generation. We are a qualified supplier for complete power plants and/or balance of plants, offering a comprehensive range of turnkey solutions, including: engineering, supply, construction and commissioning.
Simple cycle power plant
Modular plants
Balance of plant

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Arkad S.p.A. develops its projects within an integrated data management system to achieve faster transmission of information, accurate, traceable document storage and full and reliable data management.

The Company’s effort is to maximize the Enterprise Application Integration to create better communication among customer relations management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), material management and engineering tools.

We are focused on a continuous improvement of our portfolio of design, engineering, and construction software solutions.

A journey of digital transformation that shapes our business model has begun, to fit both customers and market needs in strict relation to their emerging new needs while availing ourselves of the whole supply chain’s new competencies and services offered.



Large size projects

Menzel Ledjmet East (MLE), Algeria

MLE East Development

Field of activity: Upstream
Client: Saipem
Location: Algeria
Value: 245MUSD

New crude transit line (TL-4), Kuwait

New Crude Transit

Field of activity: Midstream
Client: KOC
Location: Kuwait
Value: 154MUSD

Gas compression and treatment plant, Congo

PW1 Gas Compression

Field of activity: Upstream
Client: Eni
Location: Congo, M'Bound
Value: 152MUSD

Arkad S.p.A. - New Power Plant

New Power

Field of activity: Power
Client: Shell
Location: Iraq, KAZ
Value: 60MUSD

El Merk off site facilities, Algeria

El Merk

Field of activity: Upstream
Client: Sonatrach/Anadarko
Location: Algeria, Hassi Messaoud
Value: 654MUSD

Other projects

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