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Vendors play a key role in achieving our challenging business goals, representing an essential cornerstone in Arkad S.p.A. competitiveness and for our Customers’ satisfaction. We work with best-in-class suppliers and strive to develop long-term partnerships with them, focusing on win-win opportunities to enable business growth for both parties’.

Trust Fairness Transparency Respect

For Arkad S.p.A’s core values represent the essential basis in this strategic relationship.

We are always looking for new vendors to help us deliver ambitious projects on a global scale.

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Registration, tendering and invoicing in a few simple steps:

If you already are one of our Suppliers or if you have already received the credentials from Arkad S.p.A, click here to access EasyDeal.

Become our potential supplier

If you never had contacts with Arkad S.p.A, please submit your company introduction by signing-up on our Vendor Management Platform. The first step is to register on EasyDeal, our Procurement Portal; there you can interact with Arkad’s supply chain, from Registration to Invoicing, all via a safe documentation exchange area.

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