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29 JUNE 2023

Arkad chooses SupplHi as the new Vendor Management portal

Arkad S.p.A. will adopt the SupplHi portal for the management of Vendor Management processes: Scouting new Vendors, Supplier Qualifications, Vendor Rating

Milan (Italy), 29 June 2023SupplHi is a shared platform within a large Community that brings together EPC Contractors, End Users and Suppliers and is today the reference platform for the Italian market of the Oil & Gas and Power Industry. The philosophy is that of sharing information with advantages both for “Buyer” companies, which can benefit from a complete and structured collection of information, and for “Vendor” companies which do not have to repeat onerous dedicated qualification courses for different Customers.

Vendors are classified within a hierarchy of product categories, which becomes the “common language” of the Community, facilitating research and comparisons. The qualification and rating processes are managed through automated and parametric workflows that allow you to manage the various tasks according to the distributions of tasks established by the company organization. The infrastructure is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), a service that offers end users a cloud application, which can be accessed through a web browser.

To date, SupplHi has been chosen by leading purchasing organizations to manage their supplier base efficiently and compliantly. The platform has over 74,000 registered suppliers in 110 countries with constantly updated data which also allows companies to scout for new suppliers that are not yet known, and thus enrich the company’s supplier base.

Customers today are increasingly attentive to the level of environmental sustainability of the entire production chain.

SupplHi pays attention to a constant and continuous updating of the platform according to market developments and orientations and it has grasped the growing attention towards the pursuit of environmental sustainability of the entire production chain. Therefore, a series of information in terms of environmental, social and governance (ESG) sustainability was included in the supplier qualification and an ESG rating was calculated based on these. The “Carbon Tracker” module has also recently been added, thanks to which it is possible to monitor and trace the CO2 emissions of your B2B suppliers, invite them to share their scores with the entire supply chain and promote initiatives aimed at reducing their carbon emissions.

Contact details:
Martina Scimone, Marketing Officer
E-mail: martina.scimone@arkadspa.com